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About Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watches

The Tudor Black Bay, introduced in 2012, gets its inspirations from the Submariners of Tudor's past. Due to the Tudor Submariners appealing design and demand by watch collectors and enthusiasts (mainly for its screw-down big crown), the company established this heritage collection with great popularity. While certainly vintage, the Black Bay has new features and modern design that the older models did not.

In 2012, when the Balck Bay was first released, it saw immediate success. It had many appealing vintage elements, including a straight case, a "big crown," a domed and mildly grained dial, the indices at 6, and the snowflake hands. The Big Crowns are particularly coveted by collectors and aficionados. Aside from these elements, there were many modern additions that also make the watch more visually and technologically contemporary. The 42mm case, for example, is much larger than the original. The most iconic images from past watches are maintained, with a mixture of characteristics from several of the brand's most well-known pieces.

Rather than releasing another model the following year, Tudor chose to wait two years before launching the Black Bay Blue in 2014 and the Black Bay Black in 2015. The brand then decided to release variations on those models, thereby situating the originals as collector's items. For example, they introduced a watch that replaced the floral rose insignia with a shield, making the initial emblem especially sought after.

In 2017, The Black Bay Chrono was brought into the world to immediate acclaim and some controversy. Offering the brand's first Breitling B01 chronograph movement was an excellent technical choice that employed astounding engineering; however, many felt that the decision was a shocking one, and few knew it was coming. Unlike the original Black Bay, the Black Bay Chrono has a tachymeter display bezel rather than a countdown bezel. While the watch featured the characteristic snowflake hands, many were unsure if this was the right choice for a chronograph.

At BaselWorld in 2018, Tudor introduced the Black Bay designed for the modern, traveling man: The Tudor Black Bay GMT, featuring a blue and burgundy bezel. It makes it easy for the wearer to check the time both at home and in the country he is visiting. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight was also released in 2018 to pay homage to the 1958 diver's timepiece. It retains much of the original design, possessing a 39mm case and snowflake hands.

Tudor Black Bay is touted by a series of celebrity ambassadors who all capture what it is the brand is seeking to convey: a bold, daring lifestyle. With the slogan "born to dare," well-known individuals such as David Beckham and Lady Gaga were this stylish and adventurous timepiece.

The timepieces are visually stunning, with nostalgic elements from past watches gleefully present. Tudor created a series of watches based only on the most appealing traits of the brand's Submariners. The wearer can experience the sensations of being connected to the past while maintaining the knowledge that his watch will fulfill its purpose: to be a functional dive watch that will hold up while submerged and to be a stylish accessory that can be worn on land.