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About Chopard Watches

Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, Chopard e Sonvilier pocketwatches were celebrated for their exquisite quality and incredible precision. Since then, the eponymous Chopard line has expanded from women’s timepieces to red carpet-worthy jewelry and accessories.

Chopard’s Early Beginnings

Though not much is known about the company’s humble beginnings, it’s clear that Louis-Ulysse Chopard focused on developing lightweight, incredibly accurate timepieces for everyday use (unlike his competitors’ bulky pocket watches). 

While traveling through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to generate awareness of the brand’s unique qualities, royalty and aristocrats quickly began to commission pocket watches and wristwatches. This cemented the company’s reputation as one of prestige and luxury. 

As the Industrial Revolution drew skilled artisans away from smaller foundries, Chopard moved their base of operations to a larger factory in Geneva, Switzerland. With its irrefutable reputation for producing the highest-quality timepieces, it was only a matter of years before the brand grew quickly.  

Louis-Ulysse’s son, Paul, took the reins of the family company in 1937, followed by Paul’s son (Paul Andre) in 1943. Under Paul Andre’s leadership, Chopard began to develop and finesse technical elements. 

New Ownership & New Concepts

Without an apparent heir, Chopard was sold to Karl Scheufele III in 1963. With the help of his wife, Karin, the watchmaking mogul from Eszeha quickly expanded international operations. By 1976, the company’s free-floating diamond became its hallmark, and within a decade, Chopard was producing male sports watches for both male watch aficionados and luxury jewelry for celebrity elite.  

The Chopard company has moved into the 21st century with no signs of slowing down, and Karl and Karin’s children serve as the company’s co-presidents. 

The Most Popular Chopard Timepieces

Not only does Chopard remain a family business, but every piece of L.U.C. watches – right down to the calibers – are produced at the factory. From the Fondation Qualité Fleurier seal to the Poinçon de Geneva, 


Named in honor of Louis-Ulysse Chopard, many models of the L.U.C. collection have been awarded the COSC certificate in honor of its chronometers’ accuracy. This series is comprised of more than 70 different watches in five lines, guaranteeing that there’s something for every Chopard lover. 

Mille Miglia Classic

One of the top-selling Chopard timepieces, the Mille Miglia was named after the popular Italian classic car race that the company has sponsored since 1998. With sleek lines and technical precision, the same quality that goes into maintaining luxury automobiles is involved in the creation of these wondrous timepieces. 

Happy Diamonds 

Since Ronald Kurowski developed the line in 1976, Happy Diamonds watches have been a top-seller. Whether a large or small, rose gold or stainless steel, the cheerful halo of diamonds is sure to please any woman with a flair for the unconventional. 

150 Years Later: No Compromise in Quality

Though the company has been owned by the Scheufele family since the 1960s, the luxury watch brand has never wavered from its commitment to providing the highest-quality metalwork and timepieces on the market today.