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About Rolex Datejust Watches

The Oyster Perpetual Datejust, released in 1945, was the first wristwatch to include an automatic quick date mechanism that automatically changed the date at midnight. While it is now considered standard, a watch with this mechanism was truly revolutionary at the time.

The Datejust is a genuinely iconic timepiece, with an aesthetic that transcends eras and influences. Few watches have played such a substantial role in Rolex’s endearing success as the Datejust. Despite its seeming simplicity, it has served as one of Rolex’s most beloved pieces in its catalog. Unlike Rolex’s other pieces, the Datejust is not designed for any one particular sport or purpose. It is a reliable and high-quality piece that is forever fashionable.

The watch exudes timelessness, with a design that generally remains the same. The case gradually became more robust as it progressed, but the layout of the dial, its hands, and the specs stayed consistent. As always, Rolex’s signature oyster or jubilee bracelet is present to distinguish the brand.

When it was first released, the Datejust was available only in 18k gold with a Jubilee bracelet. In the 1950s, the line expanded to include a stainless steel option as well as a Rolesor two-tone. The Datejust name also started to be printed on the dial. Other than these minor changes, the only transformations made to the watch was a change in its movement — Rolex introduced a Caliber 1560 movement during the late 1950s and continued to innovate as the years progressed.

Rolex next introduced the Caliber 3035 movement in the 1970s. This watch allowed users to adjust the date without also needing to change the time-display hands. While the piece still had the 36mm case that the others in the Datejust series had, it came with a few design updates. For example, a flat surface replaced the “pie-pan” style of previous generations.

Rolex released the reference 162xx Datejust watches in 1988. This series featured slight improvements in precision, offering more reliable timekeeping and improved convenience. In addition, the acrylic crystal was replaced with scratch-resistant sapphire.

The Rolex Datejust II was released in 2009, introducing a larger 41mm watch case as an alternative to the standard 36mm. The brand implemented this change as a result of increased demand for larger watches, yet despite the size, the Datejust retains its elegance. While previous lines offered the option to choose an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet, the Datejust II only came with the Oyster bracelet.

In 2014, Rolex released three new Datejust editions with colored dials, thereby demonstrating the stylish versatility this watch can convey. While the Datejust II did not earn widespread popularity, the 41mm did remain under a different name — the Datejust 41. This model is still produced today and is available in varying metal combinations. There are also options with regards to the bezel, bracelet, and dial.

Such versatility caters to a broad audience and contributes to the Datejust’s widespread popularity. While its features may seem simplistic, the watch is highly precise and elegant, making for an excellent addition to any wardrobe.