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About Hublot Big Bang Watches

Hublot released the Big Bang Chronograph in April of 2005 to immediate acclaim. Its iconic design features a port-hole shaped case and the brand's trademark rubber strap. It won the Geneva Grand Prix "Design Prize" the year it was released, as well as the Japan-based Watch of the year's "Sports Watch Prize."

While it was not released until 2005, the Big Bang's aesthetic legacy was established long before, when Carlo Crocco gave light to the Hublot brand in the late 1980s. He knew that he wanted his watches to have the port-hole shaped case that is present on the Big Bang, as well as the rubber strap. While the Big Bang certainly plays an active role in the brand's signature style, it has its own set of unique elements that add to its bold presentation.

Jean-Claude Biver can take a great deal of the credit for the Big Bang's success. He joined Hublot in 2004 and is behind much of what made the Big Bang so famous. He started a renaissance of the "art of fusion," merging high-quality parts from various suppliers.

As a result of the Big Bang, the brand's success grew. Only two years after its inception, the workforce doubled. In 2008, Hublot gave a special version of the Big Bang watch to the UEFA Euro officiating referees. In 2010, Formula One designated Hublot as its official watchmaker. As a result of the partnership, Hublot released a few themed watches celebrating Formula One's various accomplishments or developments.

The brand has continued to innovate since 2005, introducing new designs and combinations. In 2007, they released the Big Bang Mag Bang, which was the first Hublot timepiece to be made entirely in-house. This line featured a lightweight case made out of an inventive new alloy that combined magnesium and aluminum. The Big Bang Magic Gold is another example of creative fusion. The watch merged 18k gold with ceramic, creating a literal "magic gold" that is both stunning and scratch-resistant.

The Big Bang Broderie, a ladies' watch made to be feminine and glamorous, is fashionably unique. It features an embroidered skull, and the design consumes the entirety of the bezel and dial. In 2011, Hublot and Ferrari formed a partnership out of which two timepieces emerged: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold and the Big Bang Ferrari Titanium.

The Big Bang Unico "10 years" Haute Joaillerie was introduced in 2012. Hublot released ten models that sold at $1,000,000 each, making them the "World's Most Expensive Watch." In 2014, Hublot introduced The Spirit of Big Bang. Featuring a stunning tonneau shape, the timepiece encompasses elegance and function, making for a highly sophisticated sports watch. Then in 2015, the Big Bang celebrated its 10th anniversary by unveiling three new models.

The Big Bang is a relatively new model and Hublot a contemporary brand. This innovative timepiece is continuously expanding, fusing exciting new elements into each release. The brand controls over 80 percent of its production, permitting it to focus on craftsmanship. Each new piece introduced to the world surprises and entices in unique and exciting ways.