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About Bell & Ross Watches

Though relatively new to the luxury watch scene, since 1992, Bell & Ross has quickly become a staple in the aviation world. Founded by two childhood friends (Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo), their first watches were initially inspired by early NASA automatic timepieces and bomb disposal gear. 

This brand’s vision? Functionality and durability for the world’s most daring and dangerous men. 

Therefore, during the initial planning process, luxury watch designers and aeronautics experts combined their collective knowledge to develop pieces that fit the rigorous requirements of pilots, astronauts, and divers. 

With their sleek utilitarian designs and ergonomics, it’s no wonder that Bell & Ross has become the official supplier of the French Air Force and Space Lab Mission. 

What Sets Bell & Ross Timepieces Apart? 

If you have an extreme job, you need a watch that holds up against fluctuating temperatures, high speeds, and pressure changes. 

Carefully constructed using hundreds of precise parts, what makes Bell & Ross watches so unique is their incredible ability to work in symbiosis with the wearer’s wrist. 

No matter the mechanism’s precision, each Bell & Ross timepiece is assembled in La Chaux-de-Fonds using the highest level of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Before being shipped out to luxury shops around the world, each piece is tested by master watchmakers using the most intricate methods possible. 

Not only do Bell & Ross watches provide consistent, precise readings, but their classic, elegant designs mean that they will be appreciated for future generations to come. 

Bell & Ross Watch Models

Over the last three decades, Bell & Ross watches have been divided into two collections: Instrument and Vintage. 

Bell & Ross Instrument Line

Comprised of four styles (the BR 01, BR 03, BR-X1, and BRS), Bell & Ross have reinterpreted the circle-on-square aesthetics of cockpit controls and historical marine instruments. The result?  A fusion of ancient and modern to provide one-of-a-kind Instrument timepieces.

Resilient enough to hold up under the most extraordinary elements, it’s no wonder why the BR 01 Red Radar has become a hit with bomb squads (thanks to its radar-style face). 

Bell & Ross Vintage Line

For a modern yet timeless aesthetic, Bell & Ross’ Vintage watches are built to perform at a military level. Watertight and able to withstand intense pressure changes, the driving inspiration behind these designs are the aviation pioneers who depended on their watches to carry out missions during World War I and World War II. 

In addition to their historic-yet-modern details, Vintage styles offer slimmer silhouettes than the Instrument line to flatter a variety of wrist sizes. 

Bell & Ross Awards and Recognitions

Since 1992, Bell & Ross’ iconic styles have won numerous awards in multiple industries. Just six years after launching, their Hydromax model achieved a world record for water resistance (at 11,100 meters). 

In 2008, for his 40,000-meter jump, famed skydiver Michel Fournier wore the BR 02 model. Designed especially to withstand extreme temperatures (of up to -120ºC), the watch was also able to resist atmospheric pressure changes. 

Whether you’re dominating the land, sea, or sky, Bell & Ross fine watches are the perfect companion.