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About Tissot T-Touch Watches

Amongst other notable creations, the Tissot company invented the "T-Touch" in 1999. It possessed six functions and a combination digital-analog display. These watches contain brilliant, touch-sensitive technology that uses sapphire crystals to control the watch's functions, including the compass, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, and others. Such extensive features make the T-Touch the model for which Tissot is best known today.

The T-touch is notable because of its expert take on precision and pure functionality; however, this does not imply that style is compromised. The watch's surface is made from scratchproof crystal and covered with an anti-reflective treatment. Although it embraces innovative technology, it's appearance is not overwhelmed by its digital characteristics.

The watch works by allowing users to switch between each feature easily. The watch hands change their function depending on which element is in use. For example, the hour hand will point north when in compass mode. It is particularly suited for adventurers and the active, with sports-based features available. There are timers for racing splits on some and a tide indicator for sailing on others, for example.

There are various models within the T-Touch series, all of which have different functions. The T-Touch Navigator is designed for travel, allowing the wearer to track multiple time zones. It doesn't only show the absolute time, but it also shows the time difference between the home location and the travel destination. Les Stroud of the reality show Survivor Man wore the T-Touch Trekking, appreciating it for its outdoor functionality.

There are watches designed specifically for water sport enthusiasts as well, with the T-Sailing Touch which has features designed for those at sea. It has a histogram, which can display the weather conditions of the past six hours and a calculator that will indicate the tides at different destination ports. The Tissot Sea-Touch is designed for underwater use, possessing a dive time meter and depth gauge.

The Tissot T-Touch II and Tissot T-Touch expert are also well-admired. The T-Touch II has a titanium case and is well-suited for those who embark on long treks. The Tissot T-Touch Expert is crafted in titanium, making it both lighter and stronger than steel. It has fifteen features and looks stylish and modern on the wearer.

The T-Touch Expert Solar is particular proof of the brand's continuing innovation. It is the first touch screen containing batteries that can be wholly recharged using solar energy. With less than a week's worth of sunlight, the Expert Solar will have a battery that lasts for an entire year. This makes it well-suited for more daring adventures, where access to service or outside contact may be limited. Its features can guide you, and its wearability makes it resistant to the elements. It is water resistant for up to 100 meters, and the strap site nicely on the wrist.

The Tissot T-Touch is for the wearer who does more than tell time. It's for the adventurer, those who will wear their watch on journeys both near and far. Its durability and comprehensive access to technology at any time and anyplace make it an excellent companion to anyone who spends time outdoors. Despite its functionality, however, it is a stylish watch that can be worn for all occasions.